New Puppy

My wife brought home a new puppy a couple of days ago, a German Shepard, her name is Bela.

I should mention that this time, the act of "arriving home with an animal in tow" was not entirely unsanctioned, (although if it had been I'm pretty sure that things wouldn't have turned out any differently). We had discussed for sometime getting another large breed dog that could hold its own against Ash and keep him company when we weren't home. The Plan called for a female in the hopes that it would be easier for her and my daughter to handle, and so there you have it.

A German Shepard wouldn't have been my first choice, I had sort of hoped to get another Weimaraner, but then I am admittedly more than a little biased on the subject. :) It's not that I have anything against German Shepards though, in fact I had one as a kid and remember her as one of the best dogs I ever had. However, German Shepards are generally a one owner dog, (which incidentally is one reason why they are so popular with law enforcement), and I fear that it won't "bond" with the whole family the way that it already seems to be doing with my daughter. I'm sure that she'll be a fine dog nonetheless.

I'll probably post the gratuitous picture or two when I get some.

Update: Ok, here's a pic.

Bela the puppy

Everybody Loves Magical Trevor

xsupplicant 1.0-1 in Sid

I got a few days behind in my email and failed to notice that my xsupplicant package was accepted and is now unstable. With a little luck, it might still make it in time for Sarge. w00t!

Many thanks to Robert Jordens who was kind enough to sponsor it!

Insensitive Bastards!

An article on talks about the millions of dollars Microsoft has had to pay out for cultural, religious, and gender related insensitivity.

Among some of the gems, "A Spanish-language version of Windows XP, destined for Latin American markets, asked users to select their gender between "not specified," "male" or "bitch," because of an unfortunate error in translation."

Bahahahaha ...

What's Your Song?

Yet another stupid test ...

Author Unknown
Take the What's Your Song? quiz and visit Castle Diqueria.

New OpenNMS Debian Packages: 1.1.3-3woody

New packages have been uploaded to the Debian repository on Same deal as the last post, only this time for Woody.

deb debian/opennms stable
deb-src debian/opennms stable

New OpenNMS Debian Packages: 1.1.3-3 (sid)

New packages for Sid have been uploaded to the Debian repository on No real changes to speak of, basically a couple of quirky bugs were discovered shortly after 1.1.3 was tagged and a second revision was rushed out soon after.

Woody packages are forthcoming.

deb debian/opennms unstable
deb-src debian/opennms unstable

cdrecord contains invariant code

From cdrecord/cdrecord.c of cdrtools 2.01a36:

 * You are not allowed to modify or remove the call to "linuxcheck()".
 * I am sorry that I am forced to do things like this, but defective
 * versions of cdrecord cause a lot of work load to me and it seems
 * to be impossible to otherwise convince SuSE to cooperate.
 * As people contact me and bother me with the related problems,
 * it is obvious that SuSE is violating subsection 6 in the preamble of
 * the GPL.
 * Note that although the SuSE test is effective only for SuSE, the
 * intention to have non bastardized versions out is not limited
 * to SuSE. It is bad to see that in special in the "Linux" business,
 * companies prefer a model with many proprietary differing programs
 * instead of cooperating with the program authors.

Total Cost of Ownership


Microsoft Windows: A Lower Total Cost of 0wnership

Nifty Dell DRAC Feature

At my place of employment, I work almost exclusively with Dell PowerEdge servers. One of the more interesting features, (at least on the ones we have), is the DRAC, (stands for Dell Remote Access Card), basically a little embedded appliance that runs a web-server which, (among other things), gives you access to the console via VNC.

Needless to say, these things are a real life-saver if for some reason you find yourself lacking connectivity to a machine and need out-of-band access to troubleshoot. The problem is that the web UI is flaky as hell, slower than a dog, and very picky about the version of java you're running.

I've tried in the past to use a VNC client to connect directly to the DRAC without success, apparently the version of VNC they use has been hacked to only authenticate through the web UI. However, in the process of googling to see if someone had found a way around, I came across this post on the linux-poweredge mailing list that describes how to enable telnet.

It looks like the telnet interface only provides a subset of the features that the web UI does, but what's important to me is that itdoes support opening a connection to the local console, (the feature I use most, and the one that is the most painful to use from a browser).

Real Life versus The Internet

Red versus Blue on Real Life versus the Internet

The Day After Tomorrow

Tomorrow, what a piece of shit.

Basically, global warming has resulted in the melting of polar ice caps, which in turn disrupts the northern Atlantic current and triggers massive climate change. The whole Northern Hemisphere is screwed, everyone is really cold.

WTF? Weren't the melting ice caps supposed to turn the world into one big ocean sailed by Road Warrior style bands of pirates until an unlikely hero in the form of a gill-sporting loner rises up to protect a child messiah and lead the people to dry land? I am so confused.

The special effects are good. Denis Quaid as a scientist is joke. The plot is predictable, and while I am by far no expert on the subject, I found it more than a little hard to swallow that the next Ice Age would appear in the span of a few hours with no advance notice.

So where can I go to get the last two hours of my life refunded?