First, the good news ...

I was nicely surprised with an early birthday present from my wife today, a 20GB iPod, (and there is an iTrip on the way). In the event that you've never laid hands on an iPod, let me tell you that one of the coolest things about them is the innovative interface that permits simple, one-handed operation, even more convenient considering that I go in for hand surgery first thing tomorrow.

Needless to say, I will be somewhat out of things, (and falling desperately behind), while my hand heals. If you are waiting for new OpenNMS packages, (Tarus tagged 1.1.4 yesterday), I ask that you bear with me, it is top of list and will get done as soon as I am able. For anything else, drop me an email, I'll respond to those even if I have to type one-handed.

New xsupplicant package uploaded, 1.0.1-1

A package for the new upstream release of xsupplicant, 1.0.1, has been uploaded to Sid. Many thanks to Robert Joerdens for his kind sponsorship.

6 Hacking Days Left ...

On Thursday the 28th I go in for outpatient surgery on my left wrist, a procedure called "Carpal Release", payment for the negative Karma that has accumulated from years of bad ergonomics. Now that it is getting a little closer, the inevitability of the whole thing is starting to sink in a little more, (up to this point it hasn't really registered mentally as much more than an impending tooth cleaning, or an appointment to get my hair cut). However, I think the worse thing at this point is how horrific the timing is turning out to be.

I scheduled this surgery more than a month ago and, (at least in my little world), a month in the future is way too far out to be able to accurately predict events. Little did I know when I set the date that so many other events would potentially clash with this one.

The Bathroom: Over a month ago I began an epic journey to remodel the main bathroom. Technically, remodel might be a bit of an overstatement since I haven't even attempted anything other than retiling the shower/tub. Don't get me wrong, the bathroom as a whole will get done, eventually, but sadly the last month or so has been spent on just tiling. I am in the home stretch, and hopefully I will finish it this weekend because I may or may not be physically able for a while after Thursday, and I have my parents coming to visit on the third week of November.

Work: There is a huge project with a tight deadline, (Halloween), that involves a large part of the company. My part in all of this is relatively small, but unfortuneately I can't step into to do my piece until most everyone else has completed thiers. Things are running a little behind, (which they are prone to do), and it looks like I will barely make it providing there are no other delays in completing the dependant tasks. I have the sneaking suspcion that I might be up late the night before surgery finishing this off. :)

An OpenNMS Release

Firefox rocks

I recently upgraded to the new Firefox 1.0 Preview and was both jazzed about the new find dialog/toobar, and a little bummed out that Type Ahead Find had apparently gone missing, (the keyword being "apparently").

As it turns out, Type Ahead Find has been replaced with what is now called Find As You Type. The good news is that the functionality is a significant improvement, even if the name is not.

Iran child killer to be executed

Working through my RSS feed of BBC News this morning I came across this interesting article about the sentencing of a serial killer in Iran.

For his crimes he will receive the following sentences:

  • Death for two cases of rape.
  • 15 years in prison for kidnaping.
  • 3 years in prison for seven counts of premeditated murder.
  • 100 lashes for "crimes against the dead", (which I can only assume means necrophilia).

A few of things strike me about this, not least of which is the degree of punishment for a given crime, (i.e. how do you get the death penalty for two counts of rape with only three years in prison for seven counts of first degree murder), but what I really want to know is, in what order do they plan to carry out this sentencing?

Fired For Running SETI

I think everyone has seen the signature screensaver, the tell-tale sign of a machine crunching packets for SETI. I've even seen a few running on workstations in a corporate environment. However, running it on a production server is pretty dumb, and not surprisingly, it could cost you your job.

Of particular note is this choice quote from the BOFH, "I understand his desire to search for intelligent life in outer space, because obviously he doesn't find it in the mirror in the morning."

Rental Cars

I finally got around to taking my truck to the body shop this afternoon, (a not-my-fault-fender-bender), so I am now stuck in a rental for the next few days.

I realize it is pathetic to whine about, but it really does suck to be without the vehicle I actually choose to drive, and instead be stuck with a drab silver roller skate that smells like someone has smoked 172 cartons of cigarettes inside with the windows rolled up. *Sigh*

New asmon in unstable

A shiny new asmon package that supports Linux kernel 2.6 is now in unstable. Many thanks to Todd Troxell for his kind sponsorship!