New xsupplicant package uploaded, 1.0.1-1

A package for the new upstream release of xsupplicant, 1.0.1, has been uploaded to Sid. Many thanks to Robert Joerdens for his kind sponsorship.

Firefox rocks

I recently upgraded to the new Firefox 1.0 Preview and was both jazzed about the new find dialog/toobar, and a little bummed out that Type Ahead Find had apparently gone missing, (the keyword being "apparently").

As it turns out, Type Ahead Find has been replaced with what is now called Find As You Type. The good news is that the functionality is a significant improvement, even if the name is not.

Fired For Running SETI

I think everyone has seen the signature screensaver, the tell-tale sign of a machine crunching packets for SETI. I've even seen a few running on workstations in a corporate environment. However, running it on a production server is pretty dumb, and not surprisingly, it could cost you your job.

Of particular note is this choice quote from the BOFH, "I understand his desire to search for intelligent life in outer space, because obviously he doesn't find it in the mirror in the morning."

New asmon in unstable

A shiny new asmon package that supports Linux kernel 2.6 is now in unstable. Many thanks to Todd Troxell for his kind sponsorship!