New meaning for the phrase, "A dogs life"

I'm not letting these guys anywhere near my dog ...

Tom Cruise Kills Oprah

Parental Sanctuary

The wife and I and our two kids have lived in our present house for several years now. At the very front of the house, first room you pass when you walk in, there is a sprawling space that I assume was intended as a formal living/dining area. We've failed to do anything useful with this room in the entire time we've been here ... until now.

I was walking through the house one day, and as is often the case, I found myself mildly irked by the presence of a dependent at every turn. Walk down the hall, trip over a cat and continue on past my daughters room with the sounds of Christina Aguillera emanating from within. Pass out of the hall and around a dog, through the living room where my son is laid out across the couch, (watching Dukes of Hazzard again), only to narrowly avert tripping over Yet Another Cat. You get the idea. Now it's not that I don't love my family, or that I don't enjoy being around them but sometimes it helps to just get away, even if just for a few minutes.

So I came up with a plan, developed a pitch, and presented it to my venture capitalist at the very next board meeting, (my wife, later that night at dinner). My idea was a hit and a plan was set in motion to create a Parental Sanctuary out of our unused room.

The Plan entails the installation of wood flooring, doors put up in place of the main opening to the room, new lighting, a bar, and of course a computer desk, stereo system, etc, (you know, the basic essentials).

The wood flooring is done, the work performed by trained professionals. The door and lighting however are left up to me, and that's pretty much what I spent the bulk of my weekend on. Yesterday entailed scaring up all the materials including 80" x 60" 15 lite French doors, which should look pretty sweet once it is all done. Today I fumbled with framing the opening and mounting the doors which ended when I found out that I was ill prepared for the task of drilling into a concrete floor.

I plan to spend a little time working on this during the week after work so that I can get it at a point where I actually have a chance of finishing it next weekend. Historically, this is the most dangerous time for home improvement projects. If I let too much time slip and lose my momentum, this door could quickly join the ranks of my other half-finished projects.

Logcheck rules shipped outside of Logcheck

A recent thread on logcheck-devel suggests that rules distributed outside of logcheck are more trouble than they are worth, and that it would be in the best of interest of our users to start an initiative to hijack them for maintenance by the logcheck development team.

Among the problems listed are sub-standard quality, user confusion about where to submit bug reports, and a lack of complete rule sets for people that run logcheck on centralized logging configurations

The timing of this thread sucks. Ever since Sarge was positioned for eminent release, I had been giving a lot of thought about goals for logcheck post-Sarge. One thing I kept coming back to was the idea that we should be working to convince more developers to maintain the rules that pertain to their packages. Before I could really develop any ideas and raise the topic for discussion, the exact opposite was proposed and something of a consensus was quickly reached.

I'm of the hope that it isn't too late and that opinions can still be swayed. I'm not sure that such a coup is even practical, but either way I strongly believe that it is the wrong path.

Sarge Released!

Sarge has been released! Short live Sarge! ;)