Debconf5: I made it

After countless grueling hours and three different planes/airports, I am finally here. Barely coherent from lack of sleep, but here nonetheless.

A few initial observations:

  • Helsinki is beautiful, (or at least what I have seen of it thus far). Very green, very clean, and very orderly.
  • Thus far, at a quarter after 11 local time, (UTC+2), the Sun has refused to set, (well, it is dusk, but it is dusk at eleven o'clock for crying out loud). Obviously, I will not be observing my usual 10 o'clock bedtime while I am here.
  • Apparently, if you are both hard of hearing and sleep deprived, you can actually begin to understand spoken German and Dutch, even if you have never formally learned either languages. I'm more than a little skeptical that what I think I am hearing actually matches up to what folks are saying, but still ... it's kind of cool