A Reduction in Mass

As previously stated, I have resolved to reduce the effect of Earth's gravity on my person, and in the interest of full disclosure I have decided to post my progress on the blog.

A bar graph is now visable directly below my hackergotchi, the scale of which is an arbitrary value representing the Effect as of the first of this year. For each arbitrary decrease in Effect the bar will shrink by an arbitrary amount.

NP: God of Mind, Disturbed

Obligatory New Year's Post

It seems like The Thing To Do, create a new post on the first day of the year to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the coming year.

The problem is, I suck at this sort of thing. My mind always goes blank when trying to come up with events of significance to me, and I loathe the idea of going public with resolutions because I have a dismal track record for keeping them. I'll do my best though.

Significant events of 2005:
  • My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, underwent a lumpectomy to remove the tumor, and has been undergoing chemotherapy since.
  • I became an official Debian developer.
  • I attended my first Debconf, (Debconf5), in Helsinki Finland.
  • I attended LinuxWorld in San Fransisco
  • Sarge was released.
  • I moved to a different department at work, and received a new title and job description, (unremarkable in light of the fact that I'm doing the same thing I've always done)
Resolutions for 2006:
  • For at least the last three years I have resolved to lose weight, and for the last three years I have failed. It's time to try something different so this year I resolve to reduce the effect of Earth's gravity on my body.
  • I resolve to be more interesting so that next year's obligatory New Year's post is easier to write.

NP: Land of Confusion, Disturbed