Truth In Advertising

Domino's has been running television advertisements for what they call the "555 Deal ", 3 medium one topping pizzas for $5 each. They also claim that this provides you with an unlimited number of combinations.

I'm not sure where these folks learned math, but according to their website they only have 10 different toppings. That 10^3, or 1,000 possible combinations, a long way from "unlimited".

Tsk, tsk, tsk Domino's.

I'm Pathetic

I tried running this morning. Words cannot express the shame.

I am thankful however that I chose to run early enough that most of my neighbors were sound asleep and did not witness the tragic event, and that I was able to resume normal breathing after about an hour.

NP: Pain Redefined, Disturbed

Motion Denied Because You're An Idiot

Gushing with hometown pride I give you:

NP: Over Now, Alice In Chains

My Repositories


I am now keeping my darcs repositories online. You can access the viewer here, or get/pull using<repo name>. As always, patches are very welcome.

Debian Packages:

My package repositories have been up for years and it is high time I said something.

DON'T USE THEM. Seriously. I use these repositories for development versions of packages I am working on, or backports for personal use, and they are quite often poorly maintained. They have been known to cause loss of data, loss of hair, erectile dysfunction, gout, hypertension, in-grown toe nails, and premature senility.

If for whatever reason you choose to ignore the above warnings, or on the off-chance I have specifically pointed you at these repositories, you can enable them by placing the following in your sources.list

# Repositories Eric told me not to use.
deb <suite> <package name>
deb-src <suite> <package name>

NP: Bat Country, Avenged Sevenfold

General Resolution: GFDL Position Statement

[ 1 ] Choice 1: GFDL-licensed works are unsuitable for main in all cases
[ 3 ] Choice 2: GFDL-licensed works without unmodifiable sections are free
[   ] Choice 3: GFDL-licensed works are compatible with the DFSG [needs 3:1]
[ 4 ] Choice 4: Further discussion

Despite the creative interpretations of the GFDL and the DFSG that some have offered, I still do not believe that the GFDL meets the requirements for inclusion in Debian main. Not the letter, and certainly not the spirit.

Documents that do not contain invariant sections are much less problematic, but the implications of the DRM-clause are still an issue, (regardless of whether it is a bug in the wording or not). Nevertheless, I did rank Adeodato's amendment just above "Further discussion" in the interest of compromise.

Progress Report: A Reduction in Mass

Myself and five co-workers setup an 8 week weight loss contest with a $50 buy-in, winner takes all, (the final weigh-in was today). Who won this little contest is unimportant, what is important is that caring people came together and supported each other in developing a healthier lifestyle ... oh who the hell am I kidding, I WON!! HAHA SUCKERS!! PAY UP!!

NP: Albatross, Corrosion of Conformity