Debconf6: Pictures

I'm back home now, but before settling into my normal routine I thought I'd take the time to get some pictures put up.

Debconf6: Crap

I just ate a bug. On purpose.

Debconf6: Day 6

Yesterday was a little disappointing. As the day wore on my upset stomach persisted despite the fact that I ate nothing but a handful of crackers. I seriously considered attending the formal dinner anyway, (and just passing on the food), but in the end decided against this based on the need for frequent and immediate access to a bathroom. I really should have went.

As reported on a number of blogs, it turned out to be quite an evening. My favorite though is Joey's.

Debconf6: Day 5

Yesterday was the day-trip to Xochicalco, the remains of a pre-hispanic city. Afterward, we had lunch at a restaurant nearby, and then it was on to Cuernavaca where we had about an hour to walk around the market and do some shopping.

Of note is that yesterday was the first day since I've been here that I did not eat at least one meal at the open market in the village. It is also the first day that I've felt sick. Go figure.

Debconf6: Day 2

I went to the marcado for breakfast this morning, quesedillas de papas y chorizo, and polo con queso. Damn fine. I was also able to score some melon agua, something I haven't had since I left El Paso. Deciphering the menu, placing my order, and paying was made awkward by the language barrier though.

On that note, I've alway been irritated watching folks attempt to communicate with a non-English speaking person by talking very slowly, and very loudly. Not to slag my own country, (there are plenty of others around to do that for me), but I thought this practice was uniquely American. I was wrong. Surprisingly, it was not irritating to be on the receiving end, it was kind of funny.

Next Stop: Oaxtepec

Just soaking up a little of the free WiFi here at the airport and then I'm on my way to Mexico City. With any luck I'll meet up with peterS at the airport there, and then it's on to Oaxtepec for Debconf 6.

It should be a lot of fun, I'm pumped.

Not safe for work

This link is not safe for work, (or anywhere for that matter).

NP: Bleak, Opeth

Hard times

Cylon beggar