Ooops, I did it again

I rewrote my blog software again (actually, it was done months ago but I just now got around to deploying it). The last one used Turbogears, but the 1.x branch is getting long in teeth, and 2.0 came a little too late. Besides, Django is the new hotness these days.

Somehow the rewrite resulted in about half as much code, which is always cool, and I finally got to make use of mod_wsgi, (it is everything that I had ever dreamed it would be, and more :)).

All of the old permalinks should still be valid, and with any luck I managed to avoid DoS'ing everyones feed reader.

Git repo for Cassandra packaging

I put the repository for my Cassandra package up on Github. The repo browser can be found here, and the wiki has a brief writeup of the build process for those unfamiliar with git-buildpackage.

Patches welcome!

NP: Take It Out On Me, Bullet For My Valentine

Day Trip Redux

For my last day in Spain I took Hector's advice and hopped on a high-speed train from Madrid to Toledo.

Toledo is another UNESCO World Heritage Site, a city dating back to the Bronze Age with Christian, Jewish, and Moorish influences. It's a beautiful place and the six or so hours I spent there was woefully inadequate.

There are a few pictures up on flickr, but I took quite a few more that will have to wait until after I'm home.