The Day After Tomorrow

Tomorrow, what a piece of shit.

Basically, global warming has resulted in the melting of polar ice caps, which in turn disrupts the northern Atlantic current and triggers massive climate change. The whole Northern Hemisphere is screwed, everyone is really cold.

WTF? Weren’t the melting ice caps supposed to turn the world into one big ocean sailed by Road Warrior style bands of pirates until an unlikely hero in the form of a gill-sporting loner rises up to protect a child messiah and lead the people to dry land? I am so confused.

The special effects are good. Denis Quaid as a scientist is joke. The plot is predictable, and while I am by far no expert on the subject, I found it more than a little hard to swallow that the next Ice Age would appear in the span of a few hours with no advance notice.

So where can I go to get the last two hours of my life refunded?


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