cdrecord contains invariant code

From cdrecord/cdrecord.c of cdrtools 2.01a36:

 * You are not allowed to modify or remove the call to “linuxcheck()”.
 * I am sorry that I am forced to do things like this, but defective
 * versions of cdrecord cause a lot of work load to me and it seems
 * to be impossible to otherwise convince SuSE to cooperate.
 * As people contact me and bother me with the related problems,
 * it is obvious that SuSE is violating subsection 6 in the preamble of
 * the GPL.
 * Note that although the SuSE test is effective only for SuSE, the
 * intention to have non bastardized versions out is not limited
 * to SuSE. It is bad to see that in special in the “Linux” business,
 * companies prefer a model with many proprietary differing programs
 * instead of cooperating with the program authors.


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