ITA: asmon

I’ve been running WindowMaker on at least one of my workstations for years, and for most of that time I’ve used a little dockapp called asmon that monitors systems resources and displays things like CPU usage, load average, and memory utilization.

This weekend I noticed that on my amd64 box, (runs kernel 2.6), that most of it was blank. The culprit, changes to /proc/stat and /proc/meminfo, (pretty much the same deal as net-snmp). Within a few minutes, I was able to hack up a fix and restore the pretty bar graphs and blinking lights. With a little more work I had a patch that included conditionals so that it would continue to work with older kernels. Later, when I was convinced that it was suitable for the masses, I headed over to the BTS to submit the result and discovered that the package was orphaned.

At this point, adopting the package seemed like the Right Thing Todo, so the obligatory ITA has been filed. A test package is in the works and I will probably be seeking sponsorship for it in the next couple of weeks

Update: I’ve uploaded a package to my repository, if you are so inclined you can give it a whirl with the following sources.

deb unstable asmon
deb-src unstable asmon


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