6 Hacking Days Left ...

On Thursday the 28th I go in for outpatient surgery on my left wrist, a procedure called "Carpal Release", payment for the negative Karma that has accumulated from years of bad ergonomics. Now that it is getting a little closer, the inevitability of the whole thing is starting to sink in a little more, (up to this point it hasn't really registered mentally as much more than an impending tooth cleaning, or an appointment to get my hair cut). However, I think the worse thing at this point is how horrific the timing is turning out to be.

I scheduled this surgery more than a month ago and, (at least in my little world), a month in the future is way too far out to be able to accurately predict events. Little did I know when I set the date that so many other events would potentially clash with this one.

The Bathroom: Over a month ago I began an epic journey to remodel the main bathroom. Technically, remodel might be a bit of an overstatement since I haven't even attempted anything other than retiling the shower/tub. Don't get me wrong, the bathroom as a whole will get done, eventually, but sadly the last month or so has been spent on just tiling. I am in the home stretch, and hopefully I will finish it this weekend because I may or may not be physically able for a while after Thursday, and I have my parents coming to visit on the third week of November.

Work: There is a huge project with a tight deadline, (Halloween), that involves a large part of the company. My part in all of this is relatively small, but unfortuneately I can't step into to do my piece until most everyone else has completed thiers. Things are running a little behind, (which they are prone to do), and it looks like I will barely make it providing there are no other delays in completing the dependant tasks. I have the sneaking suspcion that I might be up late the night before surgery finishing this off. :)

An OpenNMS Release


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