Logcheck rules shipped outside of Logcheck

A recent thread on logcheck-devel suggests that rules distributed outside of logcheck are more trouble than they are worth, and that it would be in the best of interest of our users to start an initiative to hijack them for maintenance by the logcheck development team.

Among the problems listed are sub-standard quality, user confusion about where to submit bug reports, and a lack of complete rule sets for people that run logcheck on centralized logging configurations

The timing of this thread sucks. Ever since Sarge was positioned for eminent release, I had been giving a lot of thought about goals for logcheck post-Sarge. One thing I kept coming back to was the idea that we should be working to convince more developers to maintain the rules that pertain to their packages. Before I could really develop any ideas and raise the topic for discussion, the exact opposite was proposed and something of a consensus was quickly reached.

I'm of the hope that it isn't too late and that opinions can still be swayed. I'm not sure that such a coup is even practical, but either way I strongly believe that it is the wrong path.


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