Riddle Me This

My wife's/daughter's dog, Bella, is a real pain in the ass at night. She has a habit of barking at nothing in particular for hours at a time which never fails to keep me awake, (and as I often imagine, half the neighborhood).

I consider myself an "Animal Person" but don't mind telling you that I have laid awake at night dreaming up all sorts of ways of doing this dog in, most involving the use of my bare hands. However, like many nights before, tonight I opted instead to chain her to the back porch on a short leash.

So riddle me this, how was it that not 30 minutes after I finally got to sleep, (at 2:30am), was I awoken by the dog yet again, not by barking, but by jumping square in the middle of my chest, licking my face, etc? I'll give you a clue. She had help.


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