Blog Rework

Suffering from something of an obsessive personality, I am never quite happy and can't help but second-guess, rearrange and refactor things over and over again. This can be a little frustrating because often when I go back to look at the life-cycle of a work, I find that despite all my attempts at perfection, substantial improvements are rarely made. You'd think that having identified this personality flaw, (years ago in fact), that I'd be well on my way to fixing it. Not the case I'm afraid.

So this time it was my blog that got the Treatment. "Improvements " for this iteration include, a switch to Pyblosxom, a new style-sheet and color scheme, (which I lovingly refer to as BabyPoo), a categories list, and a calendar.

The careful observer will also note that I did away with justified text and relocated the nav pane to the right side of the page. Both of these are critical pieces of The One True Way, (which oddly enough was exactly what I thought last time).


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