AOL Safety and Security Center

There is an AOL commercial that has been running pretty regularly on cable TV here. A man stands on stage and speaks to an auditorium full of people. He tells them that with broadband, the attackers come at you faster, 200 new viruses are created each day, spyware slows computers by up to 500 percent, and phishing can lead to identity theft.

As he runs through this dreaded list, you can hear the sounds of anguish and despair from the audience, and when the camera pans there are those in attendance that look physically ill.

When the speaker finishes, a woman stands and asks, "But what can we do?". "This" the man says, and the camera pans to the overhead in time to see him click a "Download Now" button on a web page. "That's it?", asks the woman. "That's it" the speaker says.

A non-technical person recently asked me, "Is that true?" To be honest, I was at a loss for words, but after thinking about it for a few seconds I told them that it was in fact true, but that unfortunately the attackers had a web page of their own with a "Compromise Now" button.

Whatever. Close enough.

NP: Ghost Love Score, Nightwish


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