When Technology and Stupidity Meet

Recently I sent an, (on-topic), email to a public mailing list that exists for the discussion of network management. Shortly after I received the following, (edited to protect the stupid).

We have enabled a Spam (Unsolicited e-mails) filtering software package in
an attempt to reduce unsolicited e-mails.
The following e-mail was blocked because our filter detected an improper
word or phrase. See the Rule section below for the word or phrase that
stopped the transmission of the message.
Rule = Spam;Bulk Email;Bulk Email Product/Service;Products/Services__3;Penis
Enlargement;Penis Enlargement Terms

My install of Spamassassin, (default configuration on Debian unstable), gave this same mail a score of -4.9, (definitely NOT spam), so I sifted through it manually. Out of 151 lines and 986 words, (minus headers of course), I could only find two words that by any stretch of the imagination could contribute to the rejection, the words "performance" and "response", (remember, this is a mailing list pertaining to network management).

Not only does this win the prize for the most crack-headed bit of content filtering that I've seen to date, but on top of that, they take it once step further and email the product of their stupidity to the person they *think* has sent the UCE. Considering how prevalent it is for real spammers to forge the sender address, the only people likely to even see it are either the victims of a false positive, or the victim of a JoeJob. Dumb-asses.


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