New Puppy

My wife brought home a new puppy a couple of days ago, a German Shepard, her name is Bela.

I should mention that this time, the act of “arriving home with an animal in tow” was not entirely unsanctioned, (although if it had been I’m pretty sure that things wouldn’t have turned out any differently). We had discussed for sometime getting another large breed dog that could hold its own against Ash and keep him company when we weren’t home. The Plan called for a female in the hopes that it would be easier for her and my daughter to handle, and so there you have it.

A German Shepard wouldn’t have been my first choice, I had sort of hoped to get another Weimaraner, but then I am admittedly more than a little biased on the subject. :) It’s not that I have anything against German Shepards though, in fact I had one as a kid and remember her as one of the best dogs I ever had. However, German Shepards are generally a one owner dog, (which incidentally is one reason why they are so popular with law enforcement), and I fear that it won’t “bond” with the whole family the way that it already seems to be doing with my daughter. I’m sure that she’ll be a fine dog nonetheless.

I’ll probably post the gratuitous picture or two when I get some.

Update: Ok, here’s a pic.

Bela the puppy


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