Too Good To Be True

Today I received an SMS from a number that I did not recognize.

babe... Do you think they watched us?

I haven't woke up any place strange with hours or days unaccounted for recently so I was pretty sure this was a wrong number. It also occurred to me that this might be someone I know, collaborating with someone I didn't to have a little fun at my expense. Either way, I had to see it through.

Me: watched us?
Them: yes.. Us in the act... Are you embarrassed of what happened
Me: Hell no
Them: <insert kissing emoticon>
Me: <insert smiley emoticon>
Them: babe... So what did you want to do today
Me: I think you know
Them: no i really dont.. Please fill [me] in
Me: sorry, this is fun, but I think it's time you double checked the 
number you're texting

Shortly after that last message she called me. She was embarrassed and apologetic, and a little dumbfounded that someone would actually play along like that, but altogether she was a good sport about the whole thing. :)


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