I’ve been using pyblosxom for years. I chose it because it was dead simple and I wasn’t interested in a long-term commitment with a bloated PHP app, (or any PHP app for that matter). Unfortunately it has always been just a bit too simple.

I went shopping for new blog software, but sadly things aren’t much better these days than they were when I originally set up my blog. There are a few more choices than there used to be, but the list of options is still pretty short if you aren’t willing to use PHP (again, I’m not).

Ultimately I succumbed to NIH and wrote my own. It has a simple CRUD interface for inputing markdown which is stored to a database and converted on-the-fly to html. Writing one from scratch was probably the worst thing I could have done, but hey, it’s like a right of passage these days, isn’t it?

All of the original postings have been migrated over and any bookmarked permalinks should still be valid (shoot me an email if you find any that aren’t). The feed links have changed, but I put a redirect in place for the old rss 0.9 feed which points to the new rss 2.0 one, (hopefully that’s transparent). There are also atom 0.3 and 1.0 feeds as well.

If I created a mess out of your feed reader, I apologize.