Horror movies are always a stretch. Even the best horror movie requires that its viewers go out of their way to suspend disbelief. I think this is why there are so many bad horror movies, because the line between, “creepy”, and “oh for crying out loud …” is pretty damn thin. If you are making a horror movie and there is any chance that it’s going to fall into the latter category, you’d be well advised not to take yourself too seriously. Better to have them laughing with you, than at you.

The Mad stars Billy Zane as Jason Hunt, a widower on a road trip with his rebellious teenage daughter, her moron boyfriend, and his bitchy, emasculating girlfriend. Jason and crew layover in a small town just as it becomes the site of a super-mutant-mad-cow’s disease breakout. The infected become flesh eating zombies, who in turn infect anyone they bite.

With a premise this cliche, would I be guilty of spoilers if I said that the cast slowly succumbs to attrition as they try to locate the source of the outbreak and stop it from spreading? That’s ok, with this movie it’s more about the journey than the destination, and the journey is hilarious.

Clearly the makers of The Mad wanted you to laugh with them and not at them, so if you like campy horror movies then I recommend you check this one out.

“Has your beef been acting strangely?”