Meet Star.


Best described as Not Quite Right, Star’s mother was a feral stray who rejected her as a kitten, (those wacky animals and their maternal instincts, go figure). A firm believer that no kitten should be left behind, my wife assumed custody. We’ve had her for years now.

For the most part she keeps to herself. One notable exception to this is bedtime where she demands a prominent position either on or next to my wife. For some reason finding this position always requires a bit of trial and error on her part, and invariably results in several close encounters of her ass and my face.

Other interesting facts:

  • The other cats are unanimous in their dislike of her.
  • If wronged, she will piss on something important to you.
  • Goes by the aliases Tar, or Tartar.
  • My wife thinks she’s special, (and sweet).