Next up is Skinny Girl.

Skinny Girl

Let’s talk about that name for a second, “Skinny Girl”. That’s only a short step up from names like Cat, Dude, and Hey You. It would stand to reason that if you find yourself struggling to come up with unique names for your pets, then it is entirely possible that you have too many.

Again, I don’t really have much to say about this one, it’s a relatively recent arrival. Don’t read too much into the expression on her face in the picture above though. She appears confident, maybe even arrogant, and she’s anything but. This is one seriously skittish cat and I consider myself lucky to have gotten any picture at all, (about 250 milliseconds after the flash fired, she shot straight up into the air and then hauled ass).

Other interesting facts:

  • Goes by the aliases Inny and Neenee.
  • My wife thinks she’s sweet.