I received a surprising number of questions related to the cat-a-log series. I’ve attempted to collect them all, and answer them here.

Q: Does your wife think all cats are sweet? What about dogs?

A: Any member of felis catus is by definition unconditionally sweet. She also views many dogs as sweet, though they tend to be held to a much higher standard, (for example, “humping” is unacceptable and any dog known to have committed such an act is Not Sweet).

Q: Could I interest you in a cookbook of Vietnamese recipes?

A: Sure. I always enjoy sampling new ethnic dishes.

Q: I’m moving soon and am unable to bring my pet anaconda with me, will you give it a home too?

A: Possibly. How big is it? What does it eat?

Q: These posts are fake, right? You don’t really live with all those cats, do you?

A: I shit you not.

Q: Do you plan to update your blog if you get any new cats?

A: Absolutely not. If any more cats show up here I plan to kill myself.