As I mentioned earlier, I was fortunate enough to be able to attend FOSDEM this year. The sheer scale of FOSDEM is amazing, with literally thousands of people in attendance, dozens of projects represented, and hundreds(?) of talks. It’s doubly impressive when you consider that it is entirely volunteer driven and 100% sponsored (it’s no cost to attend).

The NoSQL track organized by Steven Noels on Sunday turned out quite well too I thought, and it seemed to generate a lot of interest (the room was continually filled to capacity and the doors barred). There were talks from some of the usual players (MongoDB, HBase, and of course Cassandra), along with some less heard of projects (GT.M). Mine was the last talk of the morning and seemed to be pretty well received. I got a lot of great questions both during and after the session, and ended up talking shop with several attendees until the next session was starting.

So congrats to the organizers for an awesome conference, and thanks again to Steven for letting me come talk about Cassandra.

Finally, here is the video of my talk, or you can view it here with the slides.