Howto: Epson Perfection 3940 on Debian

Getting the Epson Perfection 3940 scanner setup on Linux requires jumping through just enough hoops that even if you have managed it before, it’s easy to forget when it comes time to do it again. I put this here in the hopes that it will make things easier for someone, (and it’s entirely likely that someone will be me one day :). Make sure your user is a member of the scanner group, (adduser youruser scanner)....

2009-05-11 · 1 min · Eric Evans

Oh Joy

Radeon R5xx 3D programming guide released NP: Running Out Of Pain, 12 Stones

2008-02-25 · 1 min · Eric Evans

Free Software Driver for Radeon R5xx/R6xx

Wow. Less than two weeks ago AMD announced that they would be opening the specs for their graphics cards, a few days later they followed through, and yesterday a driver for R5xx/R6xx cards was released. How’s that for fast?

2007-09-19 · 1 min · Eric Evans

AMD to open up graphics specs

This is excellent news. I look forward to the day when I can be oblivious of my graphics adapter.

2007-09-06 · 1 min · Eric Evans